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The factory has three painting cabins (6 × 32 × h 6 metres), equipped with air-conditioning systems and systems for the reduction of solvents and dust generated by the application.


Depending on the complexity of the components and the client’s specifications, the paint product may be applied in the following ways:

  • brush;
  • roller;
  • spray with conventional or electrostatic systems;
  • immersion.


With its 30-years’ experience, the company has the skills to apply the following treatments on any type of anti-corrosion cycle:

  • Primer coats using inorganic zinc, with solvent or water;
  • Primer coats using epoxy resins;
  • Primer coats using epoxy phenolic resins;
  • Alchydic cycles;
  • Polyurethane cycles;
  • Acrylic cycles;
  • Urethane cycles;
  • Epoxy vinyl cycles;
  • Epoxy phenolic cycles;
  • Polyester cycles;
  • Maritime treatment cycles.