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The metallization is carried out in a specific cabin (6 × 32 × h 6 metres), equipped with automatic systems designed for large items and manual equipment for small semi-processed items.


The activities may be carried out by electric arc or gas, by application of a layer of extremely pure, very fine, molten zinc using a jet of compressed air, until a solid metal coating is formed on the surface to be treated. The surface is cleaned in advance by sandblasting to white metal SA 2.5. This treatment enables a zinc deposit to be obtained with a thickness of up to 500 microns, with service life characteristics similar to those achieved with conventional hot galvanising.


Amongst the many steel protection systems which have been used by the company for many years, metallization by spraying is of considerable interest due to its ductility and ease of application, during both factory production (pipes, gas cylinders, containers and tanks, etc.), and for maintenance and repair works. One must not underestimate the long-term protection guarantee provided, in any environment and condition, and the effect of a micro-porous sub-layer which is obtained, that represents a perfect base for supporting the subsequent application of paint products.