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The factory at Brindisi is located in an excellent position in the ASI industrial area, as it lies approximately 500 m from the port and just 200 m from the railway crossing the industrial area.


The factory consists of several buildings constructed during different periods to satisfy the growing production needs. It covers an area of 41,380 m2, of which 4,614 m2 dedicated to the performance of sandblasting, metallization and painting activities. 37,000 m2 are used for the outdoor storage of items.


The activities are carried out on three production lines which enable three different cycles to be simultaneously performed. The handling is carried out by 6 fork lift trucks (from 2 to 20 tonnes) and by using motor-powered equipment operating on tracks.


The factory has a paint store and two workshops, one for mechanical repairs and the other for the preparation, with numerically controlled cutting machines, of sheeting for the insulation activities.


In addition, there is a two-storey office block, fire-protection control centre, compressed air plant, changing rooms and canteen.


The average surface treatment potential of the factory is currently approx. 50,000 m2/month.