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The company has approached the aeronautics activities by preliminary management of the entire process, from review of the documentation to performance of the works.


The experience gained and the thorough knowledge of the details enables the approach to the painting activities to be defined, as a special process, regulated by predefined timing and controls which are necessary to achieve a level of excellence.


In a first stage, the technical documentation assumes a fundamental role since it enables the activities to be identified and executed in accordance with the requirements of the end client, by the application of specific processing cycles - based on the numerous tests which the products undergo during the design phase and which therefore represent the guidelines for preparation of the internal documentation.


The training and skills of the personnel gain importance during the second, application stage, with planning and regular controls, and the ability to foresee and handle contingencies. This guarantees the quality of the end product.


Special care must also be taken in the selection of materials and equipment used; for example, a tape with particular requirements for adhesion to the base may make infiltrations of paint into protected areas less evident or, on the other hand, the use of one particular masking paper rather than another may adversely affect the successful outcome of the entire activity.


The ability to manage the “process”, in terms of culture, values, behaviour, organisational system, human resources, products, plants and equipment, thereby represent the means by which the company achieves the expected results and customer satisfaction.