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The search for increasingly specialised and qualified activities within the company’s particular sector of interest resulted in the establishment of the Aeronautics Division in the mid-1990s. The company’s experience, alongside the technical and operational personnel of its client AgustaWestland, in Brindisi, resulted in the acquisition of new skills and increased know-how in terms of the technologies used. Under the first framework agreement, signed for the painting of helicopter components and segments, the company acquired the operation of the painting systems previously managed by the Client. This enabled the company to increase its knowledge regarding the issues linked with the process, and to achieve the mix of factors necessary to achieve a high level of excellence.


The subsequent experience gained in other competitive contexts, such as at the AgustaWestland sites in Vergiate and Cascina Costa, the Aeronavali workshops in Brindisi and Venice, the AleniaAermacchi factory in Venegono Superiore and the Alenia Aeronautica factory in Torino Caselle, enabled the company to build up its own Engineering and Design Department for preparation of the process cycles in accordance with the requirements specified by the aircraft manufacturers, and to prepare liveries in accordance with the client’s instructions.


Over the years, with the gradual change from aluminium to composite materials, from polyurethane paints to products with a smaller content of volatile organic substances, such as the high solid paints, and very soon to products completely free from solvents, such as the water-based products, the company has had to handle the introduction of new technologies and protection of the environment issues, which has resulted in a further increase in its skills and the achievement of leading positions in its niche market.
After undergoing numerous system audits over the years, the company has become a qualified supplier in accordance with the various requirements of the above-mentioned clients.