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The company has been performing thermal insulation and soundproofing activities for industrial plants since 1995.
For these activities there are operational units at the ILVA factory in Taranto and at the API refinery in Falconara Marittima (Ancona).
The hot insulated package (70 - 700 °C) generally consists of:

  • preformed panels of rock wool or glass wool;
  • rock wool mattresses or bio-soluble mattresses quilted on wire mesh;
  • environmentally-friendly ceramic fibres for high temperatures;
  • semi-rigid panels treated with thermosetting resins.

The insulation materials used for cold insulated packages are:

  • closed cell polyethylene;
  • foam glass type cellular glass;
  • polyurethane in preformed panels;
  • polystyrene in preformed panels

For the soundproofing, foils of lead are placed between rock wool mattresses.
The outer finish consists of corrugated or aluminium sheeting, with varying thicknesses, edged and calendared and fastened with self-tapping screws.


The company possesses the following workshop and site equipment:

  • numerically controlled cutting equipment;
  • numerically controlled cutting equipment for segments and special parts;
  • semi-automatic seaming;
  • semi-automatic shearing machine;
  • semi-automatic punching machine;
  • electric edging machines;
  • electrical calendaring machines;
  • manual bending machines;
  • shearing machine with manual lever.

For the plant engineering sector, and for the insulation works in particular, the activities are performed in accordance with the technical specifications provided by the clients; in addition TSM provides specialised consultancy relative to the various means of execution in situ, based on the experience acquired during more than fifteen years working in the sector.