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TSM is qualified to carry out activities for clearing sites containing asbestos. It is a member of the Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali (Italian Register of Environmental Operators) - Puglia Regional Section, categories 10 A and B, Class C.

Category 10 A refers to the clearing of building materials containing asbestos linked with concrete; category 10 B refers to friction materials, insulation materials, pressure vessels, equipment out of service and other materials containing asbestos.

The class identifies the value of the works which may be performed.

The company possesses all the equipment required by the current regulations:
1.    extraction systems and air extractors fitted with absolute filters;
2.    decontamination unit, including modular/prefabricated units;
3.    water filtration unit;
4.    suction devices with absolute filters;
5.    personal breathing protective equipment (masks);
6.    airless pumps to spray encapsulating substances;
7.    personal and environmental air sampling devices;
8.    negative pressure measuring devices;
9.    smoke generators;
10.  water heating unit.

The company samples and analyses the materials with the equipment in its possession prior to carrying out the clearing operations. The components are rendered harmless by removal of the insulation, encapsulation and subsequent disposal by qualified and specialist firms.